• Innit

    See ya, Charlie

  • BlueChip picks

    Multiple mandolin players, as well as users posting on Mandolin Cafe, like BlueChip picks.

  • Comparing Eastman mandolin specs

    Being annoyed at the state of HTML today, I sunk an excessive amount of time automating a nice text output of the Eastman F-Style mandolins. The following requires curl, xmllint, and pandoc.

  • Solr: Interactions between the defaultOperator, q.op, and mm parameters

    The Solr parameters defaultOperator, q.op, and mm are used to configure how optional clauses should be handled in search queries. The interactions between these parameters have changed over time in Solr, resulting in unexpected search results. Users have documented issues in both blog posts and multi-year Jira issues. Further complications may arise through legacy configuration tweaks that were once appropriate in earlier releases but are now causing unexpected behaviors. I intend to detail the relevant history of these parameters and their associate functionality, so that users may better configure Solr to suit their search requirements.

  • Microprose Colonization soundtrack

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