Multiple mandolin players, as well as users posting on Mandolin Cafe, like BlueChip picks.

BlueChip picks

  • TD: Teardrop shaped
  • TP: Classic triangular pick
  • TAD: Shaped identically to the TP, but slightly larger
  • STP: Smaller version of the TP pick


Adam Steffey

According to the BlueChip description, Steffey uses a STP50 pick.

Chris Thile

Thile has a signature pick with BlueChip, the CT55, which is very similar in size and shape to TAD but with custom width and bevel.

Sierra Hull

According to Sierra Hull: Wallowa Fiddle Camp NE Oregon 7/12/17 video, Sierra started using a TAD60 pick in April 2017. Previously, she used a CT55 (corroborated by the Sierra Hull Mandolin Workshop D.C.Fest 2015 video) and a “teardrop-shaped” BlueChip pick.

Sierra probably uses the Speed Bevel, which she calls “the point”:

I’ve always used the point. Some people use a more rounded edge. You know, David Grisman uses a rounded edge. That’s never really worked for myself, and I think it’s kinda what you get used to…