• SSH tunneling with Squeezebox and SqueezePlay

    Jenny (wife) and I were hanging out a lot in our living room after Max (baby) was born. This led to a lot of “inconvenient” music playing, either by running an audio cable across the room to a laptop or plugging in one of our phones to the receiver. After getting input from the binary brain trust, I ended up trying out Logitech Media Server (nee Slimbox Server) on my Ubuntu machine. It worked out of the box with my odd FLAC and cuesheet rips and the Debian package seemed pretty good, so I ended up buying a Squeezebox Touch. The Touch was simple to install, and I was happy with my new stereo setup.

  • Second Inaugural Address

    I let my domain expire. I hadn’t published a post in over a year and I was expecting even less free time with the arrival of Max (baby boy numero uno!). Luckily, my free time hasn’t been too bad, and I’ve had an itch to write/create semi-permanent place for more geeky things, in addition to music things. So, armed with a resolve to actually click the “Publish” button more often, I’m stepping back up to plate.

  • Random connections

    The beginning of Ben Folds Five’s “Hospital Song” is reminiscent of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” The lackadaisical tempo, lounging introductory triplets stuck in a circular pattern, and the rhythm and contour of the melody jostled my brain back to 1967. I’m sure this has been thoroughly documented somewhere, but it is news to me.

  • First Steps are the Mid-Rangiest

    I have been playing with music recording for a couple of years now, and I don’t have much to show for it. I would like to change that. For whatever reason, I have decided to create a permanent setup for recording in my basement. I am writing about this not so much for voyeuristic purposes, but as a method for self motivation and a glorified note taking process. It also gives me something to write about.

  • Young La Tengo

    The jump off the cliff to YLT obsession started with the “Turnstiles Blues” cover, so another Young cover is only appropriate, especially now that I own Zuma (and more! Thanks YLT!). Too bad both artists are filed under Y, I feel like I could have made some progress on the reverse alphabetical.

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