• REST clients and Form POSTs

    I needed to test for vulnerabilities in a PHP form and realized I didn’t have a convenient method of doing so. I discovered and used RESTClient, an add-on for Firefox, but was struggling when the POST requests didn’t work. I found the article Using RESTClient to test REST APIs, which concisely explained:

  • KeePassX 2.0 and Fedora 18

    I’ve used KeePassX (cross-platform password management) for a while in OS X and and have been happy with it, especially the recent development on the 2.0 branch. I recently created a new Linux server and used the opportunity to try out Fedora. I wanted to compile KeePassX 2.0 from source and avoid installing any unnecessary dependencies. I’ve come up with the following yum packages to properly:

  • Flight of the Bill Withers

    Bill Withers sounds surprisingly like Flight of the Conchords’ Jermanie right before the four-minute mark on “Tender Things,” off the the Menagerie album.

  • OS X < 10.7, Samba, and the "veto files" parameter

    I tried using the following veto files parameter in smb.conf to keep a Ubuntu Server samba share clean of OS X files.

  • Pablo Picasso never got called an asshole

    At least not by Newsweek or Jonathan Richman.

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