• Git Diff Recursive

    I’m working on a project that has Git submodules tightly coupled to the parent repo. I wanted a way to see all changes in the project, including submodules, at once. The following alias does the trick:

  • Rofi On Ubuntu

    Compiling rofi on Ubuntu 14.0 LTS requires the following packages:

  • Firefox redesign, Pentadactyl, and the extra space

    Firefox’s redesign initially felt abrupt, but Pentadactyl polished away most of differing UI. However, somehow the spacing between the tabs and the main window got screwed up. The following Stylish workaround fixes the issue:

  • Apache AllowOverride is quiet

    I was puzzled why some Apache .htaccess configs weren’t working. Turns out, if AllowOverride isn’t granting override access, any overrides will be silently ignored. It makes sense after I pondered it.

  • Formatting patches for projects

    I always end up wasting time referencing the “proper” way to format patches on d.o. against how I’ve done it, so here’s a quick summary for my future self.

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